Consolidated Emerald Nightmare Exploit Thread

Post about any specific rankings exploits here. I’m trying to build up a consolidated list so I can get code in for all of them. Here’s what I have so far. If there are more, please post about them here.

(1) Luffa Wrapping Guardian bug. NEED INFO ON HOW TO DETECT.
(2) Double Surrender to Madness Bug for Shadow Priests.
(3) Tree exploit for Resto Druids on Xavius.
(4) Storm and Fire Elementals used by Enhance shaman.
(5) Ovyd’s Mistweaver Legendary Bug. NEED INFO ON HOW TO DETECT.
(6) Assass. Rogue Legendary Insignia of the Ravenholdt Bug. NEED INFO ON HOW TO DETECT.

  1. Compare dmg of trash vs mangle (or swipe). Can’t be picked up by buffs.
  2. Affects all assassination logs, but it’s especially noticeable in any parses where rogue is using Agonizing Poison.

In 7.1 blizzard messed up the legendary ring insignia of the ravenholdt to where its crit chance was changed from spell crit to the players crit and also started to be affected by damage modifiers such as elaborate planning. Any parse with the ring from that point has it doing absurd amounts of damage and was wondering if they could possibly be removed since competing with a bugged log is nearly impossible.

Above is a pre 7.1 log with ring, below is post 7.1

The difference between the 2 is huge and clearly not intentional.

This last log is from the 31st after the revert/fix

Thrash was bugged when using the legendary Luffa’s Wrappings. You could zone in as feral or something then switch to Guardian and it would retain the 75% buff you get as Feral, instead of the 25% it was supposed to be. This has been fixed by Blizzard, but several rankings remain from it, like Pumps who has all the rank 1 on mythic :stuck_out_tongue:

So any log from 7.1 to i believe the 30th will contain this bug. I believe you can also filter by crit chance of the damage

Edit: from the logs i linked the bugged ring had a crit chance of 44 percent which is close to the players crit while the normal log has 5 percent crit which is around the intended value for spell crit. So anything between 7.1 and the 30th with abnormally high crit would be a safe starting point.

I’ve added code for the enhance, assssination, shadow and guardian exploits. Not quite sure what to look for with the Mistweaver and Resto druid ones.

Just a note that I’ve backed out the Assassination exploit checking code, since what I was told on the forums was not correct. The crit chance change was a bug fix. Something else was wrong with the legendary, and until I know what it actually was, I’m just backing this out.

Legendary used to double dip into % dmg modifiers on target. Such as vendetta (spec), agonizing poison (talent), elaborate talent (talent). All of those would affect damage and make it higher. However the the most drastic one was agonizing poison.

As such, all logs with insignia and agonizing poison are affected by the bug.

How do I detect that though, ugh.

You can see that with date + talent.

If they have ago poison (talent) and insignia, it’s affected.

  1. Ovyd’s

Check for when a player gets the buff “Ovyd’s Winter Wrap”, they will always get a Gust of Mists healing within 0.1 seconds.


And that’s 100% reliable? Can’t ever happen by chance?

Re : Insignia

Correct me if I’m wrong @gray_hound but due to the fact that Insignia doesn’t benefit from any source of double dipping anymore, the damage shouldn’t be able to exceed the damage of a mutilate.

Example logs :

Maybe you can use that as a way to see which logs are affected or not, Insignia damage should never be higher than Mutilate damage with the current iteration of the item

I mean, that’s correct, but the bug affect >all< logs that that insignia and were assassination, prior to 7.1

The difference is that it’s a lot more drastic in the logs with agonizing poison.

All logs that had insignia on assassination pre 7.1 benefited from the bug.
Just unless it’s agonizing poison, it’s very minor gain, so it’s not as important.

As I say earlier they abuse buff from Incarnation: Tree of Life(IToL) - it lasted longer than it should be. I think, all logs on Xavius mythic, where RDruid has this buff more then 2 min - with abuse. Why 2 min: IToL has 3 min cd, fight with Xavius about 6-7 minutes. For example druid use it on pull(+30 sec buff), then go into Dream and use it before go out(~3.05 min fight, +30sec buff), then use it when go out Dream and buff fades(~ 3.35 min fight, +30 sec buff) and the last one before boss dying(~6.35 min fight, +30sec buff). How to use it more often - idk.