Paladin Logs Flagged For Every Fight, Why?

Hello. Last night we saw something that actually hasn’t happened to us before. Our prot pally had all of his ranks (which weren’t spectacular by any means) flagged with the dark red background last night on every fight. The only fight I would see this actually making sense on was Anomaly because someone pulled while we were still doing trash. I’m just wondering what happened so that we can make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.


There was an exploit where paladins could have 100% Seraphim uptime. The only way to detect it really is to look for a paladin talented into Seraphim but who never uses it during the fight. This does create false positives for paladins that misplay their class and don’t ever use Seraphim despite being talented into it.

Oh I’m positive he didn’t even know about that. We sat there forever last night trying to figure it out. He thought maybe it was his trinket, but I told him his trinket choice shouldn’t matter. Thanks for the reply, I’ll let him know about it.