Report not getting proper rankings

A bunch of us (sorry about the upload spam I guess -.-) have been uploading this log but we can’t get it to generate proper rankings (in particular the group speed ranking, which is what we’re interested in).

Except one time after I re-exported, the speed ranking showed up, but then disappeared as soon as I refreshed the page.

This looks pretty glitchy to me?

In order to earn a speed ranking, at least 4 out of 8 people must belong to the same static/FC. If this is a linkshell static and not an FC, you have to make sure that members have created FFLogs accounts and put their characters into the static on the site.

Yeah, that should be good. We created an ad-hoc group and I know at least 6 people were in it.

The reason I suspect a glitch is because my own character doesn’t even show on the individual rankings even though my parses are public, and because some of use managed to get more people to appear by re-exporting but then it’d revert once we refreshed the page.

It’s not enough to be “in the guild.” You have to assign characters to the static. A given account on FFLogs can have many characters in different statics, so just being in the guild membership is not enough. You have to tell FFLogs that a specific character is in the static.

See, only one character in the static.

Oh I see, I’ll tell Kain about that. Sorry for the trouble.

Actually, we aren’t able to add all characters because they aren’t all on the same world. Are cross-world statics unsupported?

Oh, that’s not supported. I wasn’t aware cross world statics even existed. Is that a new thing with 3.5?

Oh that explains everything. Yes, 3.5 made the Party Finder cross-server so it’s pretty easy to organize cross-world statics now.