Static/guild not showing up in server rankings

My static has recently started to post logs under our FC/guild logs, but even with 5/8 or more members of the static included in the logs they aren’t showing up on server or global rankings.

I’ve tried creating a new guild as a static and reposting the logs under that one, but still nothing showing up with the same members and logs.

We have 7 members registered on the raid team page and all promoted to member status.

Here is the FC with the raid team:
Here’s the static I created with the same logs:

Here’s the report with our o5s and o6s clears from tonight:

Is there anything we are missing to get it to show up? I read that you need 60% of the people in the log to be registered on the raid team page, which we have.

For custom statics, you need to put the characters into the static. Having users join is just the first step. Those users have to then say what characters belong in the static. That is done from the Characters tab of the static.

How is that done from the FC character list? I don’t see any options for characters to join FC-based raid groups.