Uploaded log not appearing on Ranking page

An FC mate logged an A9S run but it isn’t appearing on my personal ranking page.

A9S run: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/habN7tAYQwJR1ZLM/

Rankings page: https://www.fflogs.com/rankings/character/2730560/latest#boss=34

Initially, I thought it might take a while to update, but it’s been a couple of days now and it still isn’t showing. It was his first time uploading a log, though, so he may have done something wrong …

Means your server couldn’t be determined, probably because it was both different from the logger’s server and multiple people with your name existed on multiple servers.

Right, but I’m saying FFLogs cannot tell if it’s the Ragnarok character or the Cerberus character, so it can’t rank you.

is there any way to use the fflogs static thing handle it, ex letting someone join a static from another server & if it sees that name with that static it would tie it to the proper charecter even though the parse was done on a different server?

might not fix all issues but would atleast help with for cross-world statics

edit: oh, this thread is for a different problem then the recent cross-world issues