Reports for my static not getting ranked

My static is all properly configured in a guild, all characters are properly claimed and validated, and joined the static (we are recruiting one member now, so we are 7/8 atm, but all 7 are properly introduced there. link for reference: FF Logs - Combat Analysis for FF

So why aren’t any of my logs, that I properly submitted as belonging to the static, have been ranked?

Is it because we’re not 8/8? is it because we are a cross-server static? What do we need to do in order to get our reports ranked?

Once you have the static set up properly, you need to go back and re-export (from the report rankings tab) the reports you want to be in the static. It’s not retroactive.

I did it for this one: FF Logs - Combat Analysis for FF just to show you an example.

This has been done for weeks now :frowning: should have been ranked at least the last 2 or 3 logs there…

EDIT: Ah no, I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED - Only KILL logs can be ranked, of course… and we’re progging e11s for a month now! I need to have KILL logs uploaded so they can be ranked! Lol

I feel very dumb now