[Rankings] Created Guild, rankings not appearing in damage or speed for our server


These 4 reports were taken (Aug 13) and uploaded. When going to our servers ranking page, we neither appear under any speed rankings as a static, nor are our members listed under damage. The strange thing is our BLM is listed here


Under the third fight, but isn’t on the 1st/2nd/4th at all, when he should be listed

You need 5 out of 8 characters here:


Make sure that list is up to date. It does not automatically track renames and server transfers. Once you have that list up to date, you can go to the Rankings tab of those reports and hit the Export button.

The character tab has all of us listed, everyone has associated their characters, and everyone is on the same server with the same old names, and everyone has joined the newly created fflogs guild

If that’s the case, then just re-export the reports.

Note that server ranks are just a filter on the global ranks, so if players earned their best parses on other servers, they won’t show up when you filter to your server.

Thanks so much for replying so fast!

I went to the rankings tab and re-exported them all and gave it several minutes.

It appears that the run itself is not appearing on the global rankings at all, our kill time was 12:53 but it is not listed at all, which explains why it’s not filtering into the server listings either.

Ah yeah there was a bug with a sticky deleted report hiding your best rank. I fixed it for you for Titan.

Oh yeah, we uploaded last night and didn’t have all characters loaded into the guild list yet, so I assumed the best option would be to delete the already uploaded ones completely and re-upload as a static/guild

It is listed now! But amazing job finding the root of that so fast, I been googling around for a while trying to see if it was me making big user errors

After doing all this, the entire static has disappeared mostly from global rankings, even on old parses.

EX : https://www.fflogs.com/character/na/exodus/sambemosi%20gondoleon#boss=65

Aug 6 he should have a parse that is ranked #6 or so on exodus, and ~500 global, but its not listed at all on https://www.fflogs.com/zone/rankings/29#boss=65&metric=dps&page=6

We have tried exporting the old logs again from the ranking tab, but they are not re-listing or re-ranking

Can you provide an example old log that should rank that isn’t?

August 6th - https://www.fflogs.com/reports/24nVYWf3MkTymrFK#fight=26&type=damage-done

Sambemosi 11981 rDPS

Global BLM for that fight - https://www.fflogs.com/zone/rankings/29#boss=65&metric=dps&class=Global&spec=BlackMage&page=3

He should be around #228 but he is not listed.

This includes all the parses from the August 13th clears from the original post, nobody is on global listings at all except somehow on the third fight here he appeared on global, and is #3 server https://www.fflogs.com/server/rankings/9/29#metric=dps&boss=67

Should be able to re-export now.

All 4 were re-exported and still not listed on the global, nor under static speed again