Programmatic access to Statistics?

Is there any way to get heals, DPS, damage done on mobs, etc programatically?

We’re trying to do some custom ranking/analysis, and in order to do so we’d like to get all of the data into spreadsheets without having to manually input it or import a CSV by hand.

I see the v1 experimental API, but it’s not clear if I can get at actual statistics using it, and I don’t see a way to grab the CSV exports that looks ‘condoned.’

I have not exposed report analysis pages to the API. Part of my concern about doing so is that - unlike rankings - the report analysis section has changed completely with each expansion, i.e., stats looked very different in MoP vs. WoD. Legion is also likely going to look very different with the advent of gear and talents in the combat log.

An API would potentially “lock me in” to the current feature set and create headaches when the format changed.

Wow, thanks for the quick response. Makes sense.

What do you think about something simple like:

That would just spit out the CSV for any tables in the page?

I also would like access to just the DPs or hps values from a report. I hope it’s soon!

Damage, healing, casts and summons tables are now in the API.!/Report/report_tables_view_code_get

Thank you so much!

Hey guys. Am I just missing something here or is there no way to filter out only boss kill dps? I can get at wipes only it seems, and I can get total. I can even get the difference between the two and go that route, but it’s not good for getting effective dps…only active.


I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to get. The “fights” request gives you a map effectively of the start/end times of fights, what bosses they were, and whether or not they were kills. If you want the DPS for a specific fight, just pass in that fight’s start and end times.

It sounds like you may just be wanting to get the rankings from a report. There is no API for that yet.

Ok, so I need to do a fights request first, grab those, and then make my tables pull. Thanks very much!