API returning different data to Warcraftlogs.com


Trying to ranking information from the API but I’m getting a pretty big discrepancy.

Warcraftlogs.com shows the following:


The API (for the exact same report - yGhgwq97FJTjB4Wf, and exact same fight - 27) returns:


I’m getting many other discrepancies, all with the same outcome - comparing the report + fight number on the warcraftlogs site, is vastly different to the values the API is returning.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Looks like you’re fetching the bossdps metric from the API and not overall dps.

Ah. Thanks!

For some reason I thought “bossdps” was the right metric. I’ve fixed it up to be “dps” and it now works as expected. Thanks again!