Overall Summarys?

Hi, I am wondering if it,s possible to view each stats of a specific class for a specific fight, for example a table showing the top 100 Arms Warrior with X ilvl and showing the amount of each stat they had so.
Basically use the information from the Summary window and turn it into a table so you dont have to look into each report and view each summary to see statistics of a class.

The reason I don’t export stats is they aren’t accurate, since they include stat boosts gained from popping things pre-pull.

Thanks for the reply,

I was not talking about using them as an accuracy but more of a “Am I speccing in the right direction??” Ie… if I am speccing into Haste and have example : 35% haste where most other people are around 20% haste then I know I can trade some haste for some other stat.

So more of using as a rough guideline.

Or is it not possible to screenshot stats at the start of fight and then look at stats end of fight and that should give an indication of a persons actual stats, Or can it not be taken before a fight has even started?

I dont know anything about how you retrieve the information other than it,s from wowcombatlogs text file and I dont know when that starts to log information.