Logs will not upload

Hi I have a problem. This has only happened since the 3.2 patch. I upload my logs and they say they uploaded. I can read the report from them. When looking at the report there is no percentile next to the names like it used too. I have tried waiting a few days still do not upload. used to be automaticly. and no it is not private. I checked. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. Can someone please help?

Is this Alexander:Gordias by chance? Rankings for that are frozen permanently now that the tier is obsolete. Otherwise All Star ranks etc. would get trampled by people outgearing the place.

No this is the new mida, normal mode, void ark, and seph ex. The void ark I put in 2-3 days ago has finally showed. so maybe it will take some time. I just don’t get it I used to get the percentile right when I looked at the report. Now I never get the percentiles anymore either.

If you have an example that isn’t ranking, let me know, and I’ll take a look.