Personal Logs not working for LFR

I trying to capture logs in LFR but, I don’t see any logs created in the local PC folder and also no logs are being uploaded either to the cloud: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

What setting do I need to change to make this all work?

Seemed straight forward unless there is a bug?

I also tried to view a report after a boss kill within the app. but it was empty similar to the link above. I then stopped the logging and checked again but no data. I also launched Curse and Wolf with Admin privileges and that didn’t help either.

Hey there. If no file is created, you likely did not use the /combatlog command in-game. The uploader clients don’t create the files, you still need to enable combat logging in game, either manually or with an autologger addon.

Thanks, it’s been since legion since I did this. Looks like I should get an addon given my tendency of forgetting to change my single target talents to multi-target in raid, I’m very unlikely to turn combat logging on.