New log member plus some questions please?

Hi all,

New to the logging and all and would really appriciate the help!

I linked my, downloaded adobe app to read the warcraftlog application.

I need help over : on the pargraph : Two Kinds of Logging.

I would like the live logging activated, but there are no instructions for this…

May I also ask, all I have to do at start of raid is /combatlog in chat, and it all starts automaticly, have I understood correctly?
- Then how does it get uploaded automaticly on / ? Do I have to manually find the log/folder in my wow games folder? If so whats the name of this log/folder it gets dropped into?

Thanks for all the information and help to those do so :slight_smile:

Kind regards to all.

Anyone know why in 24 hours no one has replied to me?

Ok I found out how to do all of what I asked on my own.

Now, I’m just looking for the file : WoWCombatLog.txt

When I MANUALLY look for this file I find it. When I follow the same directory for the app, this file does not exist…

The ‘wowcombatlog.txt’ file is in the “World of Warcraft/logs/” directory.