Parse going to wrong server

So i have an issue where all my parses goes to Zodiark, eventhough i’m currently on Cerberus. I changed server before 3.2 and deleted all my chars on logs and synced again, just to be sure. My parses still go to Zodiark though, or don’t show at all. Is there anything i need to do to make them appear on cerberus?

What is your character name?

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Bell Nocte

Seems like the parses go to Cerberus if someone else uploads them, just not when i do it :slight_smile:
(Specifically the Sephi fight, as that’s the only one i’ve uploaded so far)

Similar thing happening to me. While my parses aren’t going to servers (at least not the best, maybe my worse week 3 parses), just my All Stars ranking.
Brynhildr (This is where I am currently)
Gilgamesh (Where I xferred from a while back)
My IGN is Pori Pori.
It was normal until I just checked today, yesterday I’m pretty sure I was still listed fine on Brynhildr.
… Not that I mind being ranked 5th in Gilga.

I’m back now, dunno if you fixed it manually or if it just happened on its own.

Still no update on this issue?

Nothing to report yet. I’m still unsure why this is happening and am trying to get to the bottom of it.

I should add that for anything other than Savage, this is a really hard problem, because for Savage I know everyone has to be on the same server. This means any time I see a character out of the 8 people that can only be found on a particular server, that is then locked in and easily established as the server for all 8 people.

For uploads of non-Savage fights to your personal logs, there is no server mentioned in the personal log upload, and I can’t assume all the characters belong to the same server. This means I am left to simply guess the server, and it’s possible for me to get it wrong.

I do have an idea for an improvement here, which is to always use the character’s latest established server if I do speculatively pick an obsolete validated character. This will at least work if the old character was the same Lodestone ID as the new character. If there are genuine multiples with the same name on both servers though, then this won’t work. I suspect, however, that it is the former case (an obsolete renamed character) most of the time, and that handling that might fix most of these issues.

Well it seems to be working now though, going to the right server. :slight_smile:
Ty for looking into all our issues and the quick responses! Keep up the good work!

Similar thing is happening again; I’m showing up in the Gilgamesh All Stars rankings instead of Brynhildr’s.

Same thing happened to me, went to Byrnhildr when I am on Excalibur, and I’ve never been on Byrnhildr, and I don’t even see another Doki Doki on Byrnhildr.

There is definitely a Doki Doki on Brynhildr. I’ve run with them a couple times.

Sorry to bother you. But the same thing is happening to my Char: Dawn Tribal. Parses are uploaded to Shiva but my All Star Ranking shows up on Odin.

Should fix itself when All Stars next updates. It’s not immediate.