Character showing on wrong server

Hi there,
I got a recent issue and i tried to contact support aswell to somehow solve the issue
I recently moved to anohter server for some reasons and after my transfer cooldown im gona probably joining the old server again since 7 out of 8 ppl of static is there and static is registered there.
But for some reason my own logs land on Omega EU instead of Zodiark even if logs are uploaded by someone from zodiark.
Is there a way to fix this, since then everything gona even be splitted when i rejoin Zodiark my character profile

thx for the answers in advance

Nothing gets split. Move around as much as you want. FFLogs uses lodestone id so it can follow you.

is there a way to make my character show on zodiark atleast for logs? since its kinda weird that the entire static shows up on zodiark but not my character
and thanks for the realy fast answer

No, but once you move back it will.

basicaly once i move back and we upload a log the all my logs gona suddendly show up on zodiark instead?even the current ones

and do i need to reupload character or will it do after a time automaticly?

hey Kihra sry for bothering again
so i moved finaly back to zodiark and now after 2 days my char still shows (Omega) but allstars are on Zodiark now.
just none of the fights are listed there but well
just how long does it take to my char getting finaly transfered?
or do i need to do something about it?