Old character overlap

I had an old character (ign Gaul Galette) on Gilgamesh before deleting it last year and remaking it again sometime ago. I changed viewing to “hidden” on the old one before removing it and now claimed the new character (also called “Gaul Galette” on Gilgamesh). Now, both are overlapping; both are showing as “hidden” even though I removed claim from one and double checked to make sure it’s not set to “hidden.” It’s causing a lot of confusion. Please help!

I’m having a similar issue with “Avian Byrd” which I had on Behemoth first (during Midas) before deleting it and remaking it on Hyperion. Both are still showing up even though the one on Behemoth no longer exists.

If any more info is needed, I’d be happy to oblige.

Many thanks!