Duplicate (ish?) characters due to name change

Changed my character’s name recently, and the system seems to have generated an entirely new character for me, though it seems to have reference to all the old name’s data.

The system does seem to recognise that the new name refers to the old character, with reports linking to reports with the old name, however links on the reports link to the old character page.

It’s all a bit confusing.

For reference, old character and new

Yeah, you get separate character entries for each to preserve the history, but FFLogs recognizes that they are the same character and lets you look up your parses using any entry.

Ah, fair enough. Hadn’t thought of it like that.

The character dropdown in the header is reporting both characters, likely because I re-added my lodestone profile thinking it might resolve the original “issue”. Is it safe to remove all character and then re-add the new name without losing any logging data?

Apologies for the stupid questions, I’m not particularly familiar with the system.