Obtaining percentile from the reports

So the question is pretty simple:

  1. I have a log ID (lets say: Y1233sdasdsr23dfafawr)
  2. I query the report/fights/Y1233sdasdsr23dfafawr
  3. I get list of all fights and participants
  4. How can i get the percentile (dps/hps) for people participating in those fights?

Right now i have to load all that data, process it, then query the parses/character/NAME/SERVER/REGION for each single character (with zone + encounter + metric).

And here is the problem:

  1. Fights request = 1 request
  2. HPS + DPS metric (for lets say 10 characters) = 20 requests
  3. Fetch data for 10 bosses (assuming no wipes) = 1 + 20 * 10
  4. So in order to get all the data i need to make 201 request

Is there a way of getting percentile (dps + hps) from the live/submitted report without the need to query data for all characters one by one? (haven’t found anything in docs or in the json responses).

P.S. I have a decent connection, so many requests is not a problem, but your API just bounces me off after i guess 60 (cba to check), and also, i am sure there is a way to optimize it and not “overload” your server with just my requests.