API call just for Parse % and iLevel % for a specific report?

I’ve been going through the API and I can find a round about way of getting this data, but it feels like something that should be available per report code.

I’m trying to just get the top X number of dps by parse % for a particular report. The only way I can see that right now is to get a report id, pass that to a call to get all the players for a fight given a specific start and end time (which I’d rather not need to do) and then lookup every user and get their ilevel parse % from that.

What I’d like to see, if it’s not already here and I haven’t found it. Would be to pass a report id and maybe another keyword and just get back a list of the boss kills for a report, the people and their stats just like you’d see it on the rankings tab of an actual report.

Do we currently have this functionality?

Report rankings have no API currently, so no. Tentatively planned for v2 if/when I get time to work on it.

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.