Uploaded a new log yesterday but I'm not showing up in overall ranking?

Just uploaded a new log yesterday for my shaman and I got placed in the 98-99 percentile for each raid fight but when I looked at the overall ranking. My name isn’t there.

I thought it would just take time to process but I ranked number 1 on my warrior for several raid fights few days ago and my name was immediately there on the overall ranking.

Was there something I did wrong while uploading the logs? (I use the live update for my shaman as oppose to warrior where I manually uploaded it) Or every logs take different time to be updated into the overall ranking?

The queue gets backed up after the huge Wed/Thurs push.

As each week goes by doing the same tier, the ranks take longer and longer to export, because the table has gotten so huge. This means Emerald Nightmare specifically is taking a while at this point. Once Nighthold comes out and Emerald Nightmare freezes, the export process will get much faster again. :slight_smile: