Logs not showing up last few days

I’ve been doing personal logs the last few days but nothing is showing up. I’ve been logging and uploading myself. Character is Hyperlucent on Sargeras. Any ideas? I have it set to public. Thanks!_

Are you seeing empty reports? If you let your log file get too big, Blizzard will quit writing to it.

Naw, i delete it every time. My personal logs were ok, just wasn’t
updating to the site. I pushed them again from personal log and it seems
ok now.

I have the same thing. Our raid leader uploaded a log on Saturday and when we click on the link specific to that log it show our new numbers, but if I look up my character specifically it’s numbers from our raids every Saturday before that.

I thought your new system needed some time to update but it’s already been a while!

Something is causing log export to intermittently fail. I’m not sure what the problem is, since I see no errors being logged, and I haven’t changed anything. You should be able to go to the rankings page of your report and hit the Export button to make it re-export if you ever see rankings missing.

That fixed it, thank you.