Uploaded a live log then later refreshed and now my logs reset?


To began and explain my issue i will give you a little bit of a insight
earlier tonight 29/1/2021 i started a LiveLog for Castle Nathria HC

LIVELOG LINK : Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

then afterwards i uploaded them so that everyones including my personal page would be updated
so far so good

but then later today for some strange reason when i refresh my personal page it dropped back to its previous state and now it appears like i havent killed those bosses or that i have those logs

while as you can see in the log above i clearly have

but perhaps ive done it wrong or did something wrong so here i am asking for your help to have a diverent view on it

they are public as far as i can see and thats the option i picked to LiveLog

anyone free to take their time and have a look at why these aren’t updated to my personal page

thank you

And now my character doesnt even exist anymore on warcraft logs how is that possible ?

The log you uploaded is not ranking for anyone because the guild is in stealth mode that you ran with, and not allowing themselves to be ranked from personal logs.

You can send mail to support@warcraftlogs.com for help with any character issues. Make sure to specify the character name and server and someone can help you.

Oh so i have to ask the specific guild to go it of this stealth mode ?!?

But how is it that the guild i ran it with blocks my own personal logging that i logged myself ?!?

if i leave the guild on warcraftlogs and reupload my logs will they then become visible?