Legion Pre-Patch Ranks Include ... Pre-Pre-Patch(?) Logs

Example: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/KbwN6HYyBfTFX1Aq#fight=36&type=damage-done

Note the presence of abilities that no longer exist, such as Fire Nova.

I’ve put in a fix for this, so let me know if you see any more creep in.


More old parses that are ranked for the legion pre-patch.

(there’s probably more than that - I just did a quick cruise down the rankings. Highly ranked ~3-4 minute parses are from this patch, and highly ranked ~6-7+ minute parses are generally from last patch)

Is it possible to flag parses that have player abilities which are no longer in existance? Or much more simply, can you just automatically unrank parses that deal significantly more damage to (boss) than their currently nerfed HP pools would allow?