RIP Rank1 Log! Did I break Warcraftlogs? My placement does not show and it is not registred in top lists

Okay so I just ran thru EN normal for some fun and some logs! And when we finished I made some new rank 1s and they did not register! Could someone explain why! its On cenarius, Elereth, Dragons and Ursoc which it did not register but it register on the other bosses! Please someone explained! here is a link

Blizzard has a bug where the log stops dumping ENCOUNTER_START and COMBATANT_INFO, so gear, spec, talents and artifact info is all missing from the fight. This means I have to fall back on the old WoD spec detection code, which is having trouble with a couple of specs. Basically it’s Blizzard’s bug, but I plan to work around it eventually.

So ill have to prepair to make a new log in the future? I can keep this for personal enjoyments :wink: but it will not be made public for the top lists :frowning:

It will rank ok once I code up a workaround.