Issue with logs and ilvl ranks Post 7.1.5 patch?

I uploaded logs last week with out issue but this week the rankings are not as expected. On the analyze -> damage done tab Perf %, ilvl, and ilvl% are not showing up as columns. And if you goto the rankings it shows rank % and ilvl bracket but no bracket %.

new log with issue:

Old log without issue:

I am running advanced combat logging. Did something change in the patch maybe that broke it?

Edit just looked at a bunch of public logs uploaded today and I see the same issue.

There are no perf #s to compare against yet. THat updates once per day, so until enough 7.1.5 logs have been collected, you wont’ see anything yet.

Thanks for the info! I didnt realize the rankings only update daily but that makes sense I assume that is a very resource intensive process so you dont want that running all the time lol