Wipe this past week's retail pre patch rankings because of hotfixes?

Hello. I think it would be a good idea to wipe rankings/parses from this week’s prepatch logs, since a couple of specs got hotfixed because they had unintended interactions between the class changes and azerite/essences (for example, Unholy DK got his most damaging ability nerfed by 50% when it was hotfixed). People that raided on the 13th and i think some portion of the 14th of October now have some pretty unrealistic rankings that cant really be achieved after the fixes, making competing for good parses virtually impossible. I doubt they weill change the classes anymore since the changes target really broken interactions and there doesnt seem to be anymore stuff that needs fixing. I care about this because I am on trial on a guild and I’d like my performance to reflect on my rankings and it’s really sad to parse lower than I should because of unrealistic rankings. Thank you :slight_smile: