KRSI on Tank Survival Index can not watch

Sorry I am a tank player from another area
English is not very good so use the translation
First grammar say sorry

About Tank Survival Index KRSI
Since the emerald nightmare was hidden
Although previously hidden
However, the use of instructions or can enter the hidden page to watch

KRSI has been in statistical use since the Nightmare of Emerald
Until last week suddenly showed an unknown error can not statistics and watch
Although I understand that KRSI may now be an unrecognized index
He also really will be the tank’s work and tactics affect the number of KRSI

But for tank players
Even such an inaccurate index
It is still very helpful
Because most of the team does not deliberately minimize the pressure on a tank
So if you look at the data of a tank or three tanks, KRSI is fairly steady

Especially the top ranked KRSI is not a special type of play
The usual damage reduction and injury avoidance are also done better
To a pioneering pioneer
Watch the ranking can quickly and effectively find a solid talent and equipment options
Therefore, watching KRSI for reference tank survival is very helpful

In the meantime, I once again spearheaded two ranked first in the world
So I know how much I want to sacrifice to survive a tank fight
Even to hurt more to go try non-critical style of play
Unless it is very late entertainment even
Otherwise, the tank does not actually help the team at all

So instead of looking at the tank’s damage
I care more about tank survival
This is even more helpful to the team
So I also think that KRSI is more practical for tank players than for injuries

So please manager
Even the hidden KRSI is good
But restore him please
Let the need for tank players still have a place to learn
Have a place for research on tank players who are proud to survive
Thanks to managers for their previous efforts on KRSI…

Also attached to the record before the Night Castle reference


The Burning Throne that I saw last week

Now you can only see this…

Please manager to resume KRSI ranking please! Thank you!

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Try ‘ehrps’ in URL :slight_smile: