Where are the Tankrankings?

Thursday i logged our Raid and everything was fine. Today i wanted to look deeper into it and the tank rankings i saw on Thursday are completely gone. THE WHOLE CATEGORY? What happend? And why?
Thanks in advance for helping me or trying to help.

The metric was broken by the move from WoD -> Legion, so for now at least, I’ve disabled it. Without having any sense of raw damage taken before mitigation (which Resolve provided in WoD), the metric is no longer accurate.

oka< thx i hope it will be up again soon^^ Would be great =) Thx for telling me.

So we are unlikely to have tank rankings again?

Not until Blizzard gives me the information I need. The metric is broken in Legion, so the numbers aren’t telling you anything useful.

What is preventing you from just ignoring the raw damage they would have taken before mitigation? I assume with some sort of rules set in place, couldn’t you just give them a rank based on their damage/healing/damage taken? I’m sure there is way more to it, I am just trying to understand why some sort of metric couldn’t be used?

A tank who is tanking something easy and taking very little damage looks like they’re doing great unless you have some way of knowing that they are taking very little unmitigated damage. The “R” in KRSI stood for “Resolve” and that’s what was used to weight things in WoD in order to distinguish between the amount of unmitigated damage tanks were taking.

Even if KRSI gets fixed somehow, I am unlikely to bring it back as a ranking. KRSI works extremely well as a statistic (i.e., showing trends when aggregated across all parses) but has never worked very well as a ranking.

Makes sense to me. Appreciate the response.