Ranking differences in the Healing / Ranking / Detailed Ranking tabs

Hello everybody!

I come to you, log experts, in order to understand a little bit more the information I can grasp from logs analysis on Warcraft logs.

I’ve just started to raid in HM in Emerald Nightmare and NM in ToV.

I’m starting to use warcraft logs, primarily to analyse the Casts tab in order to identify my mistakes. And even if I know that HPS is not the best indicator, it is still interesting to look at it and compare with other HPAL in order to adjust talents selection etc…

But there are huge differences for all the fights in the rankings percentiles between the Healing tab (301k, 55% overall, 86% bracket), the ranking tab (50% overall, 66% bracket), and the detailed ranking tab (50% overall). Any idea why?

Last question, does the logs include all the events / actions for all the players in the raid, no matter where they are in the room and how far from me they are located?

Thanks in advance for your answers!