About Tank Survival Index KRSI

Hello, I am a Taiwan Warrior player

Although the KRSI rankings are hidden but there are ways to see

However, recent KRSI rankings can not update the record after January 31

Records starting in February can not be updated on WCL

Tanks will not always see DPS rank? Because it does not make sense

Look at the KRSI than simply look at the DPS tank is more helpful to observe and learn from talent and equipment selection

Hope to fix uploading KRSI can be updated to February part Thank you!

你好 我是一個台灣的防護戰士玩家




坦克總不會去看DPS排名吧? 因為沒甚麼意義

看KRSI比單純看DPS對坦克更有幫助 可以觀察並借鑑天賦跟裝備選擇

希望能修復上傳讓KRSI可以更新到2月的部分 謝謝!

This is a meaningless number. The metric has never worked in Legion. It was broken by the removal of Resolve in WoD.


While it’s a meaningless number, lower KRSI logs generally have lower damage intake and on a per class basis it’s really nice to see what talents/trinkets/legendaries have achieved better results as well as looking through some of the lower KRSI logs can help seeing what cooldown rotations returned better results on a per fight basis.

It’s very helpful when making a new alt or just when starting to do a new boss.

If it’s not too taxing on the servers, would you please consider readding the metric? It’s already impossible to sim damage reduction, :frowning: