Is it possible to create custom graphs?

I was looking through the instructions for how to use pins, but I wasn’t sure if this was applicable to what I want to do. Basically, I want to try and measure “tilt” and performance over a period of time. Ex: On Archimonde, the ability Wrought Chaos goes out multiple times a fight. I was hoping to have a graph where the Y axis is the # of times a raider is hit with wrought chaos, and the X axis is the attempt number. This way I could see if someone is getting better (less hits), stays the same (was already perfect), or is getting worse (more hits) as the night progressed. This would be very useful for multiple fights, especially if I could do this across multiple logs (for example, combine archimonde wipes from two different raid nights into one graph). This graph would be on a per-raider basis. Is something like this possible with the current warcraftlogs api/features?