Looking for help making a loot allocation tool to help our loot council team


I’m looking for a tool that will help get warcraft logs data for player performance by ilvl (the ilvl% result on the log screen) and output it to a spreadsheet. Ideally, I’d want to grab other stuff too, but that’s the main missing piece for a loot allocation tool I’m wanting to build to help our loot council.
Yes, I’m aware that there’s a Warcraft logs API to grab data, but I reading through the documentation, I didn’t see this ilvl% data available, but I could have missed it.

The general idea is to look at player performance (normalized for ilvl), player gear quality, player attendance, and the player who last got loot. This would all then be weighted and combined to spit out a list of who should get a given loot drop. So alternatively, if there’s something that already does this, I’d love to not re-invent the wheel.

I just realized, there’s a download csv button for each chart for a log. However, it looks like I have to download one for each category (tanking, healing, and DPS). Is there a way to download all of them for a fight at once?