How am I to interpert some of the data from the api calls

I am querying the v2 client with this input

	reportData {
		report(code: "GKwrqM2bmLTzdaYJ") {
			playerAbilities: graph(fightIDs: 2, dataType: Casts, viewBy: Ability, viewOptions: 3)
                bossAbilities: graph(fightIDs: 2, viewBy: Ability, dataType: DamageTaken)
                playerDetails(fightIDs: 2)

When I look at all of the abilities and compare with what I see for the exact same fight on the website. I am having alot of issues understanding how to parse the data. Specifically, the “[0].data” as well as the total, and point interval keys.
I cant tell how those values equate to the time that the abliity occurs. Also why does the graph on the website show a range, for the damage dealt from an abliitiy at a specific moment in the time line when the ability is basically a single moment of damage.

Also for “[0].data” what are those values? I am assuming the second value should be used to divide the first by but again any attempt to corrilate a value with a specific time doesnt make any sense when comparing against the same fight on the web site.

Im just having trouble making sense of some of the data when comparing with the same fight on the website.

The url I am comparing the query data against is Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

When viewing raw damage, the graph is a ribbon graph, with the high point being the damage taken before mitigation, and the low point being the actual damage taken after mitigation. This means at a glance you can look at the thickness of the ribbon to see the degree to which someone mitigated the hit.