Azeroth Data Sage - GPT analisys of you logs

Okay, so I’ve been tinkering with making a custom GPT - the Azeroth Data Sage - to sift through Warcraft logs. Interfacing with Auth0 and GraphQL without any user involvement in queries was kinda tricky; handling big data chunks - think 100,000+ lines in a JSON file - and sequencing multiple queries to pull specific bits of info. But that’s sorted now, go me!

Anyway, now I’m at this point where I can get the Azeroth Data Sage to spit out some real insights - that is, if I prompt it just right. It’s kinda cool to me tbh. But the thing is, the Sage isn’t exactly a Warcraft expert. As an example, “important cooldowns” are mostly correctly identified by it, but every now and then, it throws “frostbolt” or something in there which skews the data and analisys. So, I’m looking to you guys for any bright ideas on how to feed the Azeroth Data Sage some solid up-to-date Warcraft knowledge? Since Wowanalyzer doesn’t have a public API, I’m all ears for any other suggestions.

Check out the Data Sage it out here: but be weary, you might need to prompt it quite precisely at the moment.

If this is in any way an interesting to you - please let me know !