Innacurate Logs for Vezax

On this log

I am 15th in the world for my item level on normal vezax

In the kill log below I am listed as 23rd percentile for my item level on the fight. Clearly that is inaccurate since I’m in the top 100 for my item level.

If this includes heroic my damage would still be in the top 200 logs.

This log can not be representitive of a 23rd percentile.

My log is not the only one affected. Looking at rogue logs the top combat rogue for normal vezax ilvl 232-234 is showing as a 10th percentile log

In addition, for combat rogue this individual did 7,719.6 dps to be the top of ilvl bracket 232-234. If you change the filter to All Item Levels, the top log is 7,579.2 dps. 7,579.2 is less than 7719.6. So the log sorting is inaccurate.

This all needs to be fixed and accurately show percentiles for fights based on difficulty and logs need to show top damage for all item level correctly.

This issue prevents performance from being correctly analized. If I was to blindly believe your percentile rankings I’m one of the bottom of my ilvl when I’m top 15 for my ilvl.