Ilvl bracket warcraft logs

Does anyone know how to alter ilvl bracket? For me it’s showing me sitting in the 910 to 912 group but for the rest of my guild it shows as 911 to 913?

Ilvl bracket % in the damage done and healing done pages of a report is always centered on your ilvl. If you’re in the 910-912 group it means the log reported your item level as 911. The combat log doesn’t report fractional item level, just integers.

Hi mate, the problem isn’t with which bracket I’m falling into, it’s the fact that on my logs it shows the bracket as 910-912, on everyone else’s it shows 911-913.

So say on my logs I get a 99%, as ilvl 912 in the 910-912 bracket, for the guild it may show as a 91% cause it’s putting me in with 913 players in the 911-913 bracket.

I know as you enter a bracket it’s the players 1 and 2 ilvl’s above have an advantage which is fine, I just need to know how to move my bracket parameters so I’m working with the same numbers as the rest of my guild.