Item Level/Ranking Bug?

Hey guys!

I’ve googled around and looked on this forum and couldn’t find the fix for this, was hoping somebody could help me. For whatever reasons the Logs dont track our item level at all, and also doesn’t give us rankings. If I re-export the logs on the rankings page I can get rankings but it shows us all in the 0-684 ilvl bracket. Then if I try to reload those ranking pages they go away and I have to export again to see them. Its a bit disappointing because my gore fiend ranking would have been #2 overall for my ilvl bracket.If anybody can help it’s much appreciated!

You logged without Advanced Combat Logging enabled. This is required in order to rank. The client uploader warns you about this with a big red error message. :slight_smile:

Go to the Network pane of System preferences in-game to enable.

Thank you so much!