Infinite Blood for Blood


We were doing A12S and our DRG put on B4B right before getting killed by Mega Holy around the 4:40 mark. FFLogs shows his B4B lasting practically forever.

You might notice my (NIN) b4b around 4m lasting an extra long time too, but that one is actually correct. I put on B4B right before the Temporal Stasis mechanic that freezes buff and debuff timers. However, that mechanic was over before our DRG put up his B4B so this is a separate issue.

Seems to be a general problem.
Deaths do not reset a buff on someone in fflogs.

In addition to that, I’ve noticed Firestarter does not correctly fall off in the buff category, when it should as it is in the log files.

There might be more buff uptime errors, but those are the ones I’ve seen.

I think this is an ACT issue. I’ll let Ravahn know.