Error in -Balance DPS Calculation

Recently I’ve noticed that the DPS w/o Balance values seem a bit . . . funny. I haven’t really calculated this for many other parses, but I noticed that for one of my recent parses a few oddities.

According to this data, I’m gaining 5% from balance. To me that seemed a bit odd since I never get solo balances, only spread, and I doubt I had 100% up-time on balance.

Looking into the parse a bit further we see I had 30% uptime. A 5% buff with 30% uptime should be about 1.67% increase in damage.

Now, thats not quite true since I received balance during some burst. So I dug in a bit further, and looked at the 2 sections I had balance.
Balance 1: 243.3k damage
Balance 2: 174.1k damage
Total damage while under balance: 417.4
Adjusted damage: 396.5
Other damage done w/o balance: 589.6

Total damage: 1007k
Total damage (adjusted for balance): 986.1k
%change: 2.11%

2.11% is obviously different than the 5% thats being reported currently by fflogs.

Im wondering if the balance nerfs have been accounted for, or the fact that there are 3 different potencies of balance (spread, normal, enhanced).

This also brings up a larger topic, do we even need this column any more since balance was nerfed? Or, wouldnt it make more sense to have this include ALL buffs (embolden, right/left eye, brotherhood, etc etc)?

Looks like a bug occurred where I just kept attributing balance to you. Somehow the fade didn’t register. Do you have the original log file by any chance that you uploaded? The NetworkXXX.log file?

10.6 of the client uploader has a fix for this. When I added Spear support, I accidentally broke Balance fade detection.

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for looking into this!

Still need the log file? (whats a good means for uploading them?)

I don’t. I figured it out.