Will there be an update to handle DR Norm/Savage Logs?

Final Sad Edit: Seems like this is a ff14 client side issue more than anything. Information is just being culled, which is a shame (Non-generic boss debuffs not appearing, buffs lasting past duration). Woulda been a perfect instance for Fflogs analytics.

As of right now they are still up as trash fights, rDps calculations appear to be a bit wonky and unreliable, flare star is only showing the initial hit and not dot damage, there are probably more issues that I missed. It’s obviously not necessary to clear the instance but it would be cool to see DR savage logs getting some love.

Edit: Flare star isn’t showing up correctly in ACT period, so that’s great (init hit is tracked, dot is not). Wonder how much ACT needs to catch up to make logging actually possible.

Edit2: Shows standard finish on DNC, Tech finish for their party but seems to not be correctly logging devilment/Standard Finish on partner or Closed Position. rDps calculations seem to not handle party properly. Seeing Chain strat, a buff that will effect all 48 people, doing only double what battle litany is doing. Battle litany has a longer CD (3mins vs 2mins, 20s vs 15s) and only effects party. Unless my math is way off, litany should be roughly 1/7-1/8th the damage of chain strat on average, nowhere near 1/2 (It’s actually probably worse than that in practice since chain strat lines up with 2 minute burst and battle litany desyncs from that every other cast). I wonder how much other party raid buffs are being boosted for rDps calculations or, if party buffs are correct, how far chain strat is from its actual value.

Figured I’d just shunt this on here as a thank you for the update and then subsequently turning off rankings which let us breathe a sigh of relief. This content definitely doesn’t give rise to individuals parsing but more how well the group is organized much like with classic 40mans. Someone in my group brought up a good point that the only metric of value would be clear times. I have no understanding of the limitations for the FF combatlogging system, but would it be possible to even have clear times for full instances? I presume the clock would maybe have to start at first combat (slime/golems door opening) and end with the queen but it might be feasible?

The rankings werent supposed to be turned on. :). I forgot to set the hidden flag on the zone lol.

Yeah I assumed the rankings were just a technicality with getting them to show as non-trash; was a funny 12ish hours.