FFLogs huge bug?

It looks like all of their casts are doubled. The encounter was 9:42. Dragonfire Dive is on a 120 second cooldown, so a max of 4.85 casts. Blood for blood is an 80 second cooldown, so they would have gotten 7.27 casts of blood for blood. On their parse, they did 8 casts of Dragonfire, and 12 blood for blood. There isn’t an astrologian, so no spear.

The deaths are also doubled.

If you compare the total casts of these two parses:



It should actually be impossible to cast double in just two more minutes.

Could this be affecting their total damage output?

There was a similar bug on a few logs I saw last tier, if you look at the events tab everything is indeed doubled.

Does that mean the DPS would be doubled as a result? Or does that simply mean things are registering twice as a weird bug? This could cause some really big issues for all star points and similar things if it’s the former!

It’s a bug with the logging itself, not with FFLogs. It’s very rare. Just let me know when it happens and I will blacklist.

Oh alright! Thank you for the response!
It looks like all three of these parses:
have that bug.