Import character button gives 404


So I’m trying to import/claim my wow-character. I have created account and I can search and find the character.

However… When I goto the upper right corner and press “Import a character” I get a page not found/404.

Anyone else experiencing this?



Update: This seems to only affect the vanilla/classic era side.

On a side note, it would be smooth if one could claim a character from just searching for it on the site.amd so on.

Vanilla has no way of claiming characters, since I don’t believe they let you post on the forums yet with vanilla era characters.


Thanks for looking into this.

That’s weird. I can post with my classic era character on the blizz forums. (Not tbc classic, but Classic era).

That’s the one that I want to claim. I understand it as that I should use vanilla-warcraftlogs site for that(?)

Oh possible they have added support now. If you could give me a link to your forum activity on their forums, I could investigate.


Here is a link to a post I made.

Name: Mchasek
Don’t know if it helps in any way but just in case, the character is on the pve cluster. Server Mirage Raceway.

Ok thanks, that’s helpful. Will look into adding support.

Support for this has been added and is deploying now.

Excellent. I will go try it out then.


It seems some of the process now works.I have been added to the guild. Been set as Member of it.


Now I get stuck on importing/claiming my character. For some reason the system gives this error message:

"This character belongs to a guild, The Old Raiders, that you have not joined on Warcraft Logs. Your user must be at least Recruit rank in the guild to continue the import process. If the guild we found is not your current guild, then go to the Blizzard forums and like a forum post using this character to get your guild information refreshed. "

A bit weird that I can’t not claim ownership of my toon since I’ve connected the bnet account(?)

Will keep digging but I can’t understand what the issue is. Could it be related to the server cluster setup (eg my character on one server and the guild originally on another server?).

Any help/insights are greatly appreciated,

Make sure you’re a member (your user account) of that guild on Warcraft Logs.

Hi again.

Yes on wcl account level I am connected to the guild. And there they have upper me to Member. When I look at the wcl account I can see the guilds name in the Guild-section.
But for some reason it is still not possible to claim my character.
On blizz account I have allowed warcraftlogs access as well.

Will keep digging and see what I can figure out.

This might be a connected realms issue…not sure how to solve it if so.

You do not appear to be a member of the guild on Mirage Raceway on WCL:

Gravelclan owns it, so get the join code from him and join up and then get him to promote you.

Note that it’s going to try to find the guild on the same server as you, so if The Old Raiders is actually on another server than Mirage Raceway (because of connected realms), then ugh.


Then that’s probably the issue.

The guild originates from Nethergard keep, and my character is from/on Mirage Raceway.


Would be smooth if I could just claim whatever characters I have connected to my bnet account, regardless of whether they belong to a guild etc

I’ll try and see if I can log and upload raids anyway somehow.

You could just join the MIrage Raceway guild.

Yes thanks.
By some perfect timing, another guildmember just got help from wcl to delete the version of the guild that is on Mirage Raceway. >.<

Now my wcl account is linked to the Nethergard keep guild on wcl, while my ingame character belongs to the guild, but on Mirage Raceway. haha. Im thinking a pure bnet account link setup for wcl would eliminate this issue, but i guess there’s some programming in the backend that would be needed. Bit of an interesting programming challenge.

I’ll see if I can get the Mirage Raceway guild version up again on wcl, and connect to that one to be able to claim my char. (But it seems a bit weird having to create a guild on wcl just so that I can gain ownership of my character(?)). Or ill just test log a raid and upload it and see where it ends up. Perhaps i can get my raids listed in my account somehow, and that could be enough for me.

So just fyi now i get this message:

This character’s guild, The Old Raiders, could not be found on Warcraft Logs. You will need to create the guild on Warcraft Logs in order to claim the character. It could also be the guild name is spelled differently on Warcraft Logs. The guild names must match exactly. If the guild we found is not your current guild, then go to the Blizzard forums and like a forum post using this character to get your guild information refreshed

There is no bnet api for Classic, which is why we’re forced to do all this forum nonsense.

Ok I improved the importing to check if you belong to any guild with the name on any of the connected realms.


Thank you. I’ll relay info to some guildies who are awaiting news :slight_smile:


I am attempting to connect my character to WClogs but it keeps saying that the character cannot be found. I linked my battlenet to WClogs, I spammed the EU forums to get activity, I changed my character to the one i am trying to find i just keep getting the message * No character found with the specified name. the name is Rexdominus-firemaw EU server