Can't import characters/guild

I had my guild on Tanaris.

This guild is defunct and has been since November when I transferred to Proudmoore. I even disbanded what was left of the guild last month.

I transferred to proudmoore. At first it was “Excellence Reborn” because “Excellence” was taken on Proudmoore. A few months later, I petitioned the GMs to allow me to take that guild name since the guild name was taken up by a small 4 person guild that hadn’t had any activity in 3 months.

That is now my active guild.

Here’s the problem. still had my Tanaris guild listed there… I have transferred all but 1 toon from Tanaris so far… and that one that is still there no longer has a guild affiliation at all. Excellence on Tanaris is gone.

I went to update my toons… nothing happened.

I unlinked my battlenet account from the warcraftlogs site… didn’t help.
I deleted the permissions from my battlenet account settings page… unlinked battlenet info from the WCL site… logged out of WCL and back in… gave permissions back (including profile checkbox)…

STILL can’t update my toons.

I get “access_failed=true” in the URL whenever I try:

Hi Excellence,
has your problem above solved?
I have the similar issue as yours: trying to import my character while it failed.

As you described, nothing happened after I “Click here” …

Don’t know how to continue…

Any idea? Thx in advance


Blizzard is returning a Not Authorized when i try to use the API.

“code”: 403,
“type”: “BLZWEBAPI00000403”,
“detail”: “Not Authorized”

I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of why this is happening.

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I am sorry to see that in October no one has yet replied with a solution as I am having the same problem. When I am logged into Warcraft logs when I click on the import character page nothing happens, the site just resets. If I type in my toon’s name in the search bar it does not show up, it isn’t found. It has my btag name correct and ID so I can’t figure out why it won’t see my toon.