Character suddenly missing from character list and errors upon search?

My account is linked to my WCL account, there are hundreds of logs in which the character is present, as well as the character being present in my guild’s roster on WCL. If I click on my character in a log, I can see all of my parses and fights, yet, I’m still given this error when I click on the character via search:

No character could be found with that name for the region and server specified. It’s possible this character is not being tracked yet.

Your character will be tracked if you do any of the following:

Claim your characters by linking yvour account to and importing them.
Upload logs that contain fights in which your characters were present.
Create your guild on Warcraft Logs and ensure its character roster has been imported.

Warcraft Logs expects the server name to be locale-specific. In other words, if you are on a Russian server, then use the Russian name for the server and not the English name.

Is there a way for me to manually claim a specific character, and not just every character attached to my account? It loads all of my max-level alts, but not my main character. The character’s name is Kid, on Doomhammer US. Any help would be much appreciated!

Blizzard API is returning Character not found for you, so that confused things. Not sure why it thinks you don’t exist.

So, I just won’t be able to see my character in my character list, nor use the armory-style character page from now on? The character page was really useful… I’d really like to be able to use it. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Your page is fine.

It was working for a couple days, now it’s gone again. :confused: I still can’t see my character in my character list, and now it’s disappeared from my guild list. I don’t get what’s happening, even. I didn’t transfer the character or change it’s name. This just suddenly happened.

Blizzard’s API is continuing to occasionally report that your character is not found and dead. I’m letting them know that it’s bugged for your character, and I put in a fix to still show a dead character when searching for now so that even if their API bugs out again, you’ll be able to see yourself still.


Sorry to necro an old thread, but having the same issue. Was recently having no problem finding my character but, as of a few days ago, she’s missing.

No character changes or transfers recently (on that character). It’s probably just me being dumb, but I’d appreciate any advice ya’ll can offer finding her profile. She still shows up in our guild’s logs.

Huge fan of the site. Amazing stuff, and a big part of why I play this game vs. others.