I can not upload logs

I’m Japanese.
The uploaded log becomes “UnknownZone”.
My data is not displayed at all.
I uploaded it in the correct way using the uploader.
I do not know how to fix it. please tell me.

Make sure both your NPCs (bosses) and abilities/spells are set to use Japanese language. Also make sure not to disable network parsing in ACT.

I do not know how to confirm. Where is it?

I recommend watching this video:

for how to properly configure ACT.

confirmed. The language of the game launcher is Japanese. “Disable Parsing form Network Data” & “Use WinPCap Network Driver” was unchecked.
However, I can not upload it.
Do you need to measure again?

Have you made an exception for ACT to ensure it can go through Windows Firewall?

Also make sure you Run as Administrator for ACT.

ACT, FF logs Uploader, both executed as administrator. I set it as a firewall exception.
But I can not upload it.

Do you have a sample URL to a broken report? What bosses are you trying to upload?

Here it is.
Boss is a catastrophe.

Yeah, nothing there. Have you verified that you have the fight logged properly in a NetworkXXXX.log file? That’s the file you should be uploading.

There was only a MEMORY file in the FF logs folder.
However, it was recorded in ACT. You can also see past records.

FFLogs only supports network parsing. Only NetworkXXXX.log files are supported. It sounds like ACT just isn’t logging (or is logging using memory parsing).

I see.
Can I convert a MEMORY file to a NETWORK file?

Nope, need to log using Network parsing to start with.

I understand. Thank you very much.