FF Log Uploader Doesn't Show Raids

Hi there,

I’m unable to upload raids because my FF Log uploader only ever shows a black square where raids should show. Here’s a picture of a log I’m trying to upload where I just did a couple of Zurvan Ex clears:

Any ideas?

Bumpîng this up as I’ve been encountering the exact same problem since 3.4-3.5, have reinstalled and uninstalled AIR, ACT, FFXIV Plugin and FFLogs Uploader and no improvement :frowning:

If you upload the whole file does it work (rather than doing Select Specific Raids)?

Nope, still doesn’t work.

Are you using memory parsing instead of network parsing in ACT?

I think so, I have “Disable Parsing from Network Data” checked in the FFXIV plugin.

Network parsing is the only mode that is supported by FFLogs. Memory parsing is too inaccurate.