FFlogs uploader can't seem to find any raids/participants

Hey there.

I’m currently trying to upload some of my logs to fflogs.com, but not having much success.

My ACT works perfectly, and the logs themselves look fine when read through a text editor, but when I use the fflogs uploader it either finds no raids, or just Antitower, starting at a negative time and having no participants, as you can see from the picture below:

I’m running both ACT and the fflogs upload as administrator, and my FFXIV ACT plugin version is Most of my settings are default, apart from having “Disable Parsing from Network Data” ticked as that was preventing my ACT from displaying information in the overlay. Is there any option I might have ticked that could invalidate my logs for fflogs?

Thank you in advance for any help provided, let me know if I missed providing any information, as I’m pretty clueless as to what the issue might actually be :frowning:

FFLogs only supports Network parsing. If you disable that, nothing will work.