How does the guild all-star logs actually work?


I’m Wesley/Narala, I have been raiding for a while and have always been using warcraftlogs since begin WoD.

Since Hellfire Citadel i’ve been paying more attention to rankings, to all-star scores etc.
Although a few things are really confusing me, im going to name a few examples:

Here are my guilds allstar rankings, as an example I have been looking at one of the rogue’s Underzz hes all-star score is 1,332 on this page :

While on hes personal rankings the all-star score is noted as 1,342 which would mean he should be 3rd right? :

Same thing goes for me, on the all-star page it shows me as having a score of 1,374 while on my personal rankings it shows me having a score of 1,370 which is a smaller difference.

I hope I could get more information about this topic.

Thanks in advance! and keep up this great site!

The characters pages are just estimating your all star points, so they won’t quite match up. I just need to put that disclaimer in there somewhere on that page.

So the guild All-star page is the correct one ?
Also the server / instance all star pages are aswell, since those have the exact same numbers as the guild page does?

Just another small question, for people who play multiple specs, does it just take your best spec’s score and list that on the guild page ?

The real All Stars score updates once very 24 hours and is correct/precise for the time it was computed. The character pages look at current ranks (so can be off by up to ~24 hours) and attempt to just estimate what your score will end up being if All Stars was recomputed right then and there.

Some elements of the All Stars formula can’t be computed quickly (e.g., your precise rank position) on the fly, and so the character page is just providing an approximation. I need to just put a “~” in front of all All Star scores on that page. :slight_smile: