All star point totals don't match per-boss totals

From the guild all star rankings, make note of the total for a toon. Click on the toon name, click View Detailed Rankings, then note the per-boss all star points. Especially in the case of lower performing players, there’s a big discrepancy between the two and it’s not as simple as eliminating totals from grey parses. How is the all star point total on the main guild rankings page calculated?

This is still going on, some toons have a total that’s closeish to individual boss all-star points but others where the total is about 80% less than it should be. Please advise.

Note there is a cutoff for the real all stars computation of 10,000. For characters who are not in the top 10,000 for their spec, they get 0 all star points. The boss estimates don’t know about your real rank position, so they’ll still try to give you a non-zero estimate.

I would love to someday lift this restriction, but all star points would literally take all day to compute if I did.

Ah, that could definitely explain it, thanks.

Suggestion that maintains the restriction - I’ve been wanting to use the all star point totals as a way to rank (and potentially reward) my own raiders based on performance without having to do manual calculations. I haven’t seen any reason to mis-trust the per-boss estimates that are being generated, could you simply add a toggle that would use the per-boss estimates to calculate the total rather than the current calculation? I took a quick look and it appears that the rankings based on that would be in line with my own expectations and the right players would end up at the top (or bottom) significantly moreso than they do now.