All star Points help


Just wondering how the all star points work - on the logs the all star points are as follows:

Ranged: 828 out of 1080, Affliction: 744 out of 960, Destruction: 249 out of 361

However, when I go to my realm rankings for Warlock I am showing Points 489 for “All star dps” and number 81st. But if I go in to least between 20th and 80th lock, each of my kills/logs are way higher individually and add-up to way more than them.

Just wondering if anyone can explain why and how exactly its calculated if play 2 or even 3 dps specs?

Does it take several days for the actual realm rank to be updated or should it update dynamically as soon as logs are recorded?

Thanks for any help and sorry if this has already been explained elsewhere.